Terms and conditions of warranty service

Online store Power Up provides a warranty on all products from our catalog. We issue a warranty card for each purchased product and strictly fulfill our warranty obligations.  The warranty service period for workstations, graphics stations, servers and gaming PCs is 2 years. The warranty is free of charge in full if the buyer provides the original warranty card.

Timeframe for warranty repairs:

We almost always have a replacement stock available, ensuring the shortest possible turnaround time for your computer repair. The average repair turnaround time is 1-2 days + time for delivery to our office. So you will not hear any “standard service excuses” about repair within 14 working days).

Warranty service conditions:

The goods are accepted for warranty service if the following requirements are met:

  • availability of the warranty card with the stamp of the store and the date of its sale
  • no damage to warranty seals and serial numbers
  • the goods must be fully completed (boxes and blisters from packages).

The warranty is not provided in cases of

  • presence of mechanical damage - chips, cracks, deep scratches
  • independent change of configuration without notifying the seller of the Company
  • breakage of the product due to ingress of foreign objects, liquids, insects, animals
  • self-repair or involvement of unauthorized service centers in the repair process
  • changes in the design or configuration of the Product (soldering, unauthorized replacement of modules, etc.);
  • damage to the Product as a result of improper transportation
  • incorrect connection to the mains, operation at unstable voltage in the mains
  • incorrect BIOS settings and all subsequent damage caused by such settings.

All warranty repairs are performed EXCLUSIVELY in the office of Power Up online store. You can deliver the goods to our office by any convenient way. It is possible to send to the nearest branch of Nova Poshta, all transportation costs are paid by the buyer (it is about 200 UAH one way).

After-warranty service

After the end of the warranty period our specialists continue to service the workstations purchased in the Power Up store. For questions about post-warranty service, please contact our company managers. 

Exchange or return of goods

Is it possible to exchange or return the goods purchased in Power Up store?

Yes, of course, you can exchange or return any product purchased from us within 14 days from the date of purchase. This right is guaranteed to you by the “Law on Consumer Protection”. The law specifies the buyer's rights to return in the following case:

  • the product has not been used and has no traces of use: scratches, chips, scuffs, dust marks, etc.
  • the goods are fully completed and the integrity of the packaging is not broken;
  • all labels and factory markings are preserved.

The buyer has the right to exchange the non-food product of proper quality for a similar one, if the product is not satisfactory in shape, dimensions, style, color, size or for other reasons can not be used for its intended purpose.

Online store Power Up is focused primarily on the client, and in all disputable situations takes the side of the client.

Exchange of goods of proper quality is carried out if it has not been used, if its trade dress, consumer properties, seals, labels, as well as the document issued to the consumer together with the sold goods are preserved.

It is important to understand that warranty obligations do not apply:

  • to software products that came with the computer,  
  • to software products that you installed yourself, 
  • the safety of user data.

You can exchange or return the goods at the office of Power Up online store. You can deliver the goods to the office in any way convenient for you. Our address: Kiev, Daniel Shcherbakovskogo (Shcherbakova) street, 4, left wing, 3rd floor. To return you need to have the product, in the form in which it was sent to you and (if any) additional equipment to it, warranty card and delivery note.

You will receive a full refund according to the delivery note, without any commissions or additional fees. The amount indicated on the delivery note will be transferred to your specified account within 1-2 working days (this time is necessary to check the returned goods).